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The complete solution Call Explorer Qi

The complete solution to analyse, manage and record your calls.
Cubix Call Explorer Qi call management software for land lines and mobiles.

Manage your phones and employees

Make sure that every call is taken in count. Don’t lose calls by making sure that you have enough agents available at busy times. Stay top of your telephone system and mobile phones. Improve your customer service levels. Know where your customers are coming from. Possibilities are limitless.

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Call Explorer Qi

Call Explorer Qi

Call Explorer Qi is advanced web based call management system running on Windows server. Usable with any web browser. Reports are very flexible, can be customised to every possible needs. Reports can be automatised, emailed, archived or you can even create desktop link to them. User rights make sure that only needed information is available to user. Please contact us to gain access to live demo. Continue reading “Call Explorer Qi”



As summer holiday season nears, make sure that your phones are answered even when you are away. With Cubix Call Explorer Qi you can monitor what happens your incoming calls during holidays.

About Cubix

Cubix Ltd

Cubix Ltd was founded in November 1983, Regency House, Dedmere Road Marlow, Bucks, United Kingdom.
Registration Number 177061. VAT Number GB 385 7199 00 1.

Sister company Cubix Systems in Helsinki, Finland.

Mission is develop  Hospitality and Telephone Call Management systems. Continue reading “About Cubix”